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.(Bladder Control)

Before Surgery
I am a thirty year old woman who has a depressive illness and takes medications. Recently, I almost lost control of my bladder.
I do ware diapers, but still am very troubled by 
this and especially worried when I walk to work.
I am not sure if the diapers will always be enough. I wouldn't know what to do if I soiled myself and leaked.  How would I explain that to my boss? Also, I had no social life, even though I am cute and guys ask me out, still I say no. My worst nightmare that if I was dancing and I leaked. I imagine my urine making people to slip and fall on the dance floor.  That would be so embarrassing. Any suggestions? More Info

Women of all ages have bladder control problems. Some younger women find they can't hold their urine after having a baby. Others have problems when they stop having periods. Many women over the age of 75 also have bladder control problems. 

You may feel ashamed about bladder control problems. Remember that it's a medical problem and it's not your fault. Millions of women have the same problem.  Also, Don't believe people who tell you that urine leakage is normal. It isn't. Most of the time it can be improved. The first step is to ask your family doctor to refer you to a urogynecologist who treat women's bladder and urine problems. 

After Surgery
No More Diapers!
l was like many women, hauling those damn diapers, like I was sentenced for life to leak. Well, no more. I did it and it was great. I feel so stupid to put it off for so long! The surgery took less than an hour. My doctor referred me to a urogynecologist and the surgery was wonderful. 
It was done under outpatient surgery. Some women burn their bras, in my case,  I burnt my diapers and if I don't see one again. I am happy! More Info

Incontinence Sling

The newest and safest trend to deal with incontinence involves the use of polypropylene, an inert nylon-type material, that is placed right under the mid urethra to act as a backboard when one sneezes or coughs to then occlude or block the urethral opening and either decrease of stop the leakage of urine. These procedures are all called “Tension-Free” because the slings are not sutured into muscle, fascia, or bone and are just left alone for ones own fibroblast to ingrow and hold the mesh. You may hear the term TVT or TOT. They refer to the route the slings are placed. TVT, or tension-free vaginal tape can be placed through an incision right above your pubic bone. TOT, or transobturator tape, is placed through incisions on the crease of your inner thighs. These incisions are just about invisible. Both procedures are outpatient surgeries of about 15 to 30 minutes.






Pelvic Organ Prolapse




Vaginal Bleeding



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