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Vaginal Rejuvenation


Before Surgery
.I am 43 with 3 great kids and a wonderful husband. I have a great family and I am a stay home mom and I do everything for my family. But this is not about them, it is about me. The other day, I was in the bathroom, and for some reason, I pulled out a mirror, and looked down there. Oh MY God!
I could not believe what I saw. I started crying. What is supposed to be a vagina, it looked liked a piece of meat, my dog chewed on it. When did this happen? How long has it been like this? I never thought of looking down there! And then I thought oh my poor husband, I was teasing him the other day about giving me oral sex. He had that look on his face. Now, I know what that look was about. My vagina was disgusting and I gotta do something about it. 
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Vaginal deterioration result from weakening of tissues as a baby passes through the birth canal. This stretching and tearing of tissues gradually worsens over time as gravity and estrogen loss results in the loss of collagen in the vaginal tissues and various muscles and ligaments. Babies born today are usually larger than those born a few generations ago, causing more trauma during birth. In addition, women today are heavier and have more weight pushing on their pelvic organs. It also doesn't help if one is a smoker. The loss of connective tissue and the chronic smoker's cough also factor in. A coughing asthmatic or one with chronic bronchitis is also more prone to prolapse and incontinence. Occasionally, these problems occur in women who have never had children or have had cesarean sections. This is explained by one's inherited weakness of supporting structures.

After Surgery
I am in my mid 40s but my private areas are 21 years old again!
For years I suffered low self-esteem due to the appearance of my vaginal area brought on by the ravages of childbearing. Not only did I leak urine but my labia were quite enlarged and caused irritation and pain. I could not wear jeans or tight clothing and wearing a swimsuit made me feel very self-conscious. I asked friends and family and medical professionals who I should see and all suggested I get in contact with Dr. Alinsod. I have never regretted my decision to seek out his opinion and to go ahead with my aesthetic surgery. I underwent a labial reduction, laser perineorrhapy, and vaginal tightening that has resulted in my renewed sense of youth. Some would call this “vaginal rejuvenation.” I am in my mid 40s and but my private areas are 21 years old again! I am so pleased and happy even more so than my husband who is quite impressed with the surgical results. I feel like a new woman not afraid to dress any way I please and no longer am I self-conscious because I have made the right decision to choose Dr. Alinsod to be my personal aesthetic surgeon for my most private of parts. More Info

The surgery is a standard gynecologic vaginal procedure where the vaginal vault and pelvic floor are made smaller, and the foundation muscles of the vagina are made stronger. The G-spot which lies in the anterior proximal vagina is not affected by this procedure. Also at this time another problem that can make sex very uncomfortable can be corrected. Some patients may have an enterocele or rectocele, which is a hernia of the bowel or rectum in the vaginal vault which may protrude via the vaginal opening. During vaginoplasty this hernia can be repaired, the pain eliminated, and satisfaction during intercourse restored. 

Vaginoplasty, sometimes referred to as Vaginal Rejuvenation, can give your vagina a youthful appearance, give you more control of your vaginal muscles, and greatly increase the sexual satisfaction for you and your partner during intercourse.






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