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Pelvic Organ Prolapse 
.(Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery)


Before Surgery
Jan, are you growing a penis? I hadn't seen my boyfriend for about a year and this was our first sex, so we started with him giving me oral sex. Can you imagine my shock when he asked me this question? The first thing I did, was rush to the bathroom, picked up a flash light and a mirror, squatted, opened my legs wide, then turned on the flash light. Oh My God! Oh My Lord, what the hell is this? My boy friend was right. I know it is not a penis, but then what is it? I gotta to find answers real quick. But who to ask and who specialize in this thing? 
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A Look at the Symptoms:
The general symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse include a sensation of fullness or heaviness in the vaginal region. A woman finds a bulge starting to protrude through the vaginal opening. Sometimes the entire vagina or uterus may protrude between a woman's legs. Others find physical activity difficult because of the incontinence that often accompanies the prolapse. It takes a careful examination by a gynecologist or urogynecologist to precisely diagnose whether the defect is a cystocele/urethrocele (bladder and urethral prolapse), a rectocele (rectal prolapse into the vagina), an enterocele (small bowel into the vagina) or a uterine prolapse (the uterus descending down the vaginal canal).

After Surgery More Info
I had my surgery done three weeks ago and I feel great. But then I was stupid because, I took my time when I should have done it right away. This is not something you can put on hold. For heavens sake we are talking about my bladder which was sticking out of my vagina! This thing is like a balloon, full of urine. I mean, it could get punctured or damaged that's why it needs to go back where it belongs now. Also, we are all different, so you need to find a good specialist, check it out and get it done, no delays. This is serious stuff. Also, I really didn't know what is a bladder, so here is more info about it:

Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery
Surgery is often needed to repair the weakened tissues that bulge into and out of the vagina. However, surgical repair of the cystocele remains one of the most difficult challenges in female pelvic-floor reconstruction.

Today, South Coast Urogynecology has the most extensive and successful experience on the use of tissue and mesh in vaginal pelvic reconstruction. The use of recently developed devices has enabled a vaginal approach to even the most difficult of pelvic organ prolapse thereby eliminating almost all abdominal incisions. These recent innovations have made surgeries shorter, faster, outpatient, with fewer complication rates and higher success rates. Renowned surgeons from all areas of the country have flown in to observe Dr. Alinsod perform surgery. He has also taught numerous gynecologists and urologists nationwide in his techniques of repair. Less than 1% of all gynecologists are trained in these advanced procedures. Dr. Alinsod's efforts are focused at increasing these numbers.








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