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DMS files contain 100,000 records (names, addresses, phone and FAX numbers) of foreign executives (source for affluent patients).
DMS files contain records (names and addresses) about foreign insurance companies.
DMS library contain records (names, addresses, phone numbers) of US health care professionals and specialists including dentists, chiropractors and fitness clubs.
Experience …

DMS have twenty five years of experience in marketing communications, and it develop creative marketing solutions to meet business needs.
DMS have extensive experience in "Internet Marketing" and developed many products for establishing a powerful system for client referrals.
DMS developed portable web sites for various industries. This is state of the art technology to enhance relationship with clients and to generate repeat client referrals.
DMS have the graphic design skills, writing, editing and page layout.
DMS have experience with web directory design, web site design / maintenance, plus the ability to develop a multi-language web sites and directories. For Examples, please click here
Publications …

DMS is the publisher of the SOURCE™ Health care (102 pages, bi lingual) plus the SOURCE™ for PROFESSIONALS (USA clinics and hospitals) and it manages the International Data Bank For Patient Referral (IDB-PR™) through its sister company Consumer Support™.
DMS developed and published mini publications (booklets, flyers), e.g. “Pain Clinics” for our clients.
DMS developed many databases on local, regional and international executives, business and specialists including development of directories for their Internet addresses.
Professional Publications:
  1. H. Hibrawi and Blaker RG : Clinical Chemistry, 21:765, 1975
  2. H. Hibrawi, Garrison FD and Smith HJ: Journal Of Immunological Methods, 14:59, 1977
  3. H. Hibrawi,  Curl RA and Garrison FD: Clinical Chemistry, 25:1170, 1979
  4. Barnett EV, Chia D, Fahey JL, Gatti RA, Gossett TC, Grossman H, Hibrawi H, Medici M, Naeim F, Sparkes RS, Spina C, Tam CF, Van Lancker JL, Walford RL: 

  5. Immunological and biochemical studies of Down's syndrome as a model of accelerated aging. In: Immunologic Aspects of Aging. Eds D Segre, L Smith, Marcel Dekker Inc, pp 479-532. This book was the result of a multi-center collaborative study with UCLA School Of Medicine and Cedars Sinai Medical Center.
  6. Leib ES, Hibrawi H, Chia D, Blaker RG, Barnett EV:

  7. Correlation of disease activity in systemic necrotizing vasculitis with immune complexes. J Rheumatol. 1981 Mar-Apr;8(2):258-65.
    This publication was the result of a collaborative work with UCLA school of Medicine

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