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Mother, I got no hymen! 
I have spent my early school years in Europe where horseback riding is the sport of choice for girls. Now, I discovered that my favorite sport broke my hymen. This stinks, what am I going to do, help me! More Info

The hymen:
The hymen (also known under the slang names cherry and maidenhead) is a membrane which completely or partially occludes the vaginal opening in human females. The term comes from a Greek word meaning "membrane." Because sexual activity would usually puncture this membrane, its presence has been considered a guarantor of virginity in societies that place a high value on female chastity before marriage. 

During the early stages of fetal development there is no opening into the vagina at all. The thin layer of tissue that conceals the vagina at this time usually divides incompletely prior to birth, forming the hymen. The size and shape of this opening (or openings) varies greatly from person to person. Some of the non-sexual ways in which a hymen will tear are:

1. Through an accident or injury
2. Horseback riding, bicycling, high jumping, or gymnastics
3. Insertion of finger or instrument by doctor during pelvic exam
4. Tampon insertion
5. Overzealous douching

Hymen Photos:

The Procedure
This surgery is the reconstruction of the hymen. Cultural, religious, or social reasons predominate when this surgery is contemplated. Hymenoplasty is performed to make the patient appear virginal. It only works for women who have not had vaginal deliveries, and preferably, in those who have never been pregnant. We take advantage of the Ellman Surgitron to make extremely precise incisions into the vagina and remnants of the hymeneal ring to bring them into close approximation to allow delicate sutures to hold the tissues in place. Once healed, the act of sexual intercourse can result in bleeding when the hymen is torn or stretched. This procedure takes  30 minutes to perform. 





Pelvic Organ Prolapse




Vaginal Bleeding



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